Mercedes Brian

Mercedes is smiling at the camera. Her hair has a lavender streak among the grey and she is wearing a navy blue jacket over a black t-shirt  A summer garden and barn board siding are in the background.
Ready to create your index with professional attention to detail

Indexes are readers’ access to the text.

You have written your book or article. I’ll read every word, and carefully consider what the reader is looking for and the ways they are likely to search for the information they need. I index not only names, places, and events, but also consistently analyze and include concepts and themes.  This creates an architecture for the index.

A good index is the navigation tool your readers need. In addition, experienced readers often scan the index when deciding whether to buy your book. I’ll complete your book with an index that serves your readers! 

A quick learner who is comfortable in new environments, I’m curious about anything and everything.

Please know that I’m ready and willing to index:

  • business (having owned and administered numerous small businesses),
  • government and politics (with eight years as a municipal politician and having offered in a provincial campaign),
  • alternative health (through experiencing the effectiveness of alternative health modalities),
  • psychology and mental health (with reading and constant personal inquiry),
  • health care (as a consumer for me and my multi-age family as well as being a policy nerd),
  • agriculture; horticulture (flowing from my living in an agricultural area, my participation in farmers’ market coops as a vendor and on the board, and my need to dig in dirt),
  • construction and real estate (having worked in construction on the job site as well as being a realtor for 5 years),
  • energy (one of the defining issues of our time. I’m interested in energy use and generation, and presented on the topic in a virtual conference),
  • transportation (as a cyclist and a former chair of transit boards),
  • food and drink (as a cook and mixologist always trying new recipes),
  • gardening (constantly planting, tending, and moving plants around),
  • crafts (appreciating handwork and how we develop skills),
  • animals and pets (as a long-time pet companion),
  • fitness and recreation (paying attention to whatever I do when I’m not working),
  • travel and tourism (especially appreciating sustainable tourism),
  • personal development (constantly reading and considering how to make the best use of our lives),
  • ecology and the environment (having been the inaugural chair of a government environmental sustainability committee),
  • indigenous peoples (as a settler, listening to indigenous peoples with sensitivity and respect),
  • education (through noticing post-secondary education policy and my children’s public school education, and also being an alternative school teacher and administrator),
  • family (being aware of how family shapes us and how our idea of family has changed over the years),
  • gender studies (as a LGBTQ2S+ ally and advocate on a personal and policy level),
  • senior studies (through my experience supporting loved ones as they age, and as a “younger senior”),
  • child studies (through considering my experience as a parent, alternative school administrator and teacher),
  • sexuality (recognizing an important aspect of our human expression),
  • social activism (having participated in and planned effective social activism)
  • sociology and social services (through my appreciation of my sociology studies and my experience with the social assistance I received as a single mother)
  • sports (because I love a good story of loss and triumph)
  • urban studies (through my experience of hanging out with urban planners as a government leader)

Contact me to find out how I can create your index.